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United Prints Of America - USA Print

I have been inspired for a number of years now by Sufjan Stevens’ grand but ultimately ill fated attempt to create a record for each state in America. He only got to two before he gave up and started alienating me with records about bridges but those two records for me are his finest. Straight away I have beat his two and I see this being an ongoing project, but only if I vista more places.

The first idea I came up with turned out to be the show poster and from that I came up with this variant. The name of the show “United Prints of America” seemed to make sense and from there it was an easy leap to this idea. The only tricky part was keeping it minimal enough and sticking to my unwritten two colours only rule. I ended up settling at three but I think the detail on making the frames pop out are essential.

Sean x Sale

I have a sale of all my work with the wonderful people at Fab. This sale includes 9 new posters, 7 of which were created specifically with fab in mind. There is just over a day left of the sale and some work has sold out, with others getting close to selling out.

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